Through the Flames

I asked Christ to come into my life at a very young age with the help of my father.  Growing up in a Christian ministerial home, I knew a lot of the truths of the faith.  However, in my teen years, God seemed distant to me and I lived a double life.  I was the good little Christian kid at home and church but I was anything but that with my friends and at school.

This all changed when I was 16 and a gas fireplace exploded in my face.  Laying on the emergency room gurney, I heard the voice of God audibly tell me, “Don’t worry Jason, I’ll take care of you.”  Upon hearing this, my spirit and body were filled with an immense peace.  And after being burned with second and almost 3rd degree burns on about 20% of my body, I was completely healed in 2 1/2 weeks to the point where there is virtually no scaring and the doctors were unable to explain my healing.

Through this experience, God showed me that he wasn’t and isn’t a distant God and that He wanted to be personally and intimately involved in my life.  Since then, through life’s challenges and my failures and triumphs, God has continued to show Himself to be an intimate God.  Whether it’s the small or big decisions, God leads and guides all along the way.